Report of 2015-2016
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Since its beginning in 2012 under the support of UNESCO and MOST, CISTRAT has followed the agreement signed between UNESCO and the Chinese government in conducting research and training work, which facilitates communication between China and other parts of the world, especially the developing countries, and improves the ability to develop S&T strategies and policies.
Firstly, we continued to hold the international training program, which provided technical support for S&T development strategies and policy research of developing countries.
Secondly, we held an international forum which strengthened dialogue and cooperation among countries of different models.
Thirdly, we played host to foreign delegations and encouraged our researchers to go global to conduct academic discussions at different levels.
Fourthly, CISTRAT organizes joint research projects to enhance the quality of strategy and policy research.
Finally, CISTRAT puts emphasis on capacity reinforcement and interior management so as to improve communication with peer organizaitons.
CISTRAT has been following the guidance of the governing board in the past five years in relation to enhancing interior management. the Centre has held three governing board meetings to discuss about its Charter, Development Plan for the first six years, as well as annual work plans. In this regard, CISTRAT has adopted suggestions put foward by the governing board in terms of changing and improving organization strucures and development plans.
CISTRAT has also been enhancing its communication with the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO and other Category II Centers by taking an active role in the commission meetings and other meetings held for science centers in China. Such events provide CISTRAT a chance to have dialogues with peer organizationso and to have a better understanding of the latest policies and advances in relation to the cooperation between the Chinese government and UNESCO.

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